“I got this camera…”

Yes, we are right there. Cameras are now built into just about everything. Even the good ol’ boys in small remote towns can record your sales pitch.

Back when there was little threat of your production being on the world stage (www), you probably did little to organize, sanitize and homogenize your pitch. Now, you not only must re-think this dilemma, but you may want to make it a top priority. The cameras are rolling.

We could liken this scenario to a divorce. You can live and work with your spouse for most of your life. Then something happens and the marriage is broken. All that you have accumulated is now divided (usually starting at 50%). It’s gone.

In your business, a similar divorce can happen when the re-play of a misleading, misinformed, mismarketed, misspoken or misadvised presentation is played before a judge. And, what you have worked so hard to accumulate can also be gone, including your reputation.

Yes, we will all make unintentional mistakes, and they should be easy to defend. But, in this economy (highly litigious), we had better have our facts, agreements and recommendations as solid as steel.

The issue here is not so much a threat as it is practice management.

So, what if you reversed this camera exposure? You could record (with your own camera) your three minute infomercial to be played anytime or anywhere. Like most, you could not get all the features and benefits of all your products and services in this vignette, but you could get your unique core message on the table.

The easiest and most efficient facts to project would be in the model of how you operate. That would quickly and efficiently get your position and differentiation (USP) in front of your prospect with little room for a mistake. So, instead of them initiating the camera idea, you can precede that request with your own delivery.

Point is, when you are willing to commit your position to a recorded message (of most any form), it goes a long way in building a bridge of trust. Broken trust is often the basis of many forms of litigation.

If you struggle with what a model may include, here’s a suggestion:

Due Diligence/Suitability
Solutions that Answer the Problem
Actionable Plans

What you do not see are products and services. The main thing in any working model is that it is what you can definitely deliver and execute every time and without doubt. That is the primary issue of what will mitigate legal exposure.

Lights, camera…action?