(Measured in Degrees)

Committing to a consumable for immediate gratification is a small degree of measurement, but committing to a lifetime union with another person requires way more.

Example: Buying baseball tickets and going to the game for the day as opposed to the vow of marriage with a life partner.

In polar opposite terms; A temporal (def; present time/of this world) commitment is a zillion degrees apart from an eternal (def; never ending/other world) one. And it should understandably follow that there is a chasm of degrees in-between.

Another template to consider when sizing up a commitment is to think of the consequences of your decision in terms of less than one year, one year, 5 years, ten years and greater than ten years. The obvious conclusion is one of degrees.

Generally, the shorter the time frame of consequence, the smaller the degree of commitment and vice versa.

Want to really dig into this subject?

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To summarize, this concept may seem too obvious and maybe over simplified, but research shows that many (actually too many) use the same degree of commitment no matter what the decision should require. Again, “The simple shall confound the wise.”

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