Decisioning at the Store and Beyond

At the grocery store, you can usually spot an elderly couple selectively picking through the banana section and bagging only those that are truly ripe and ready to eat.

Recent observation by one author:

“To help speed up their search, a store clerk asked if he could help a couple with their banana selection. The older gentlemen responded with: “Thanks, but we don’t buy green bananas. When we were much younger we always thought that time was on our side, and we had the luxury of wasting it. Now that we’re both in our later years, we view time as an entity that we must live in right now, savor every moment, be in the present to everyone and everything we encounter or choose…bananas are a good example of how perishable time is for us.”

He further states:

“The hallmark of our society today is to be constantly busy and totally distracted. Busyness is often seen as an admirable trait, and it implies that you are very important. What would happen if we stopped using this tribute about ourselves? I’m not suggesting that you abandon long term plans and goals, but to stop for a few moments to fully live. Live and decide as if there is no time other than the present.”

Full article and credits:

In all, the “green banana” analogy can apply to several other areas of life and decisioning. Today, with the thought speed of emerging technologies, government interventions and other ominous influences…long term decisioning is like the banana. By the time it ripens; we may have either bought it too soon or waited too long. Ultimately, the result we wanted will not be there. Alternative: buy it today…eat it today.

So as a trigger, the next time you are in the store and you see the banana display (especially the green ones), please use it as a reminder that none of us know how much time we have. Let’s challenge each other to make every decision count every hour of every day.

As always…you decide.

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